Return is short interactive storytelling  game about how a boy cope with the death of his beloved pet. Can he overcome those feelings?

The moment i need to let you go
My heart broke into two
Regret, and crying was the only thing i could do
My house is empty without you
And i wonder where are you


  • right/left arow to move
  • Z to interact with object

This is my second full released gameplay for my internship in about month. I really appreciate any feedbacks and comments. Thanks for playing!



Download 114 MB
Download 118 MB


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The music, mechanics, and sfx in the beginning were negatively distracting, took away from the story, but the art and the music at the end got me so hard. I'm not bawling my eyes out, I just didn't need to see it's fine


Thank you for the feedback! I'll make sure to remember it! And thank you for playing,  really appreciate it! 


oh god I started crying when I saw this because it reminded me of my pets death.

Thank you for playing this game! And sorry for your loss :')

beautiful game. reminded me of how I felt when my lil Carla passed away. I did a lets play of this and added my cats pics into the thumbnail.

Thank you for playing and your commentary! I really enjoyed it! Once again,  big thanks!

your welcome.

if you like my game please rate it

I really liked the art, the sounds and the general atmosphere of this interactive and touching story! 

Thank you for playing! :D

This highkey made me start to cry. Its so beautiful and emotional.

Thank you for  playing! 

shi....this is beautiful.... :'( this is me when I try to cope with the death of all pet fish that have died....but its a really good representation of it and the art style is gorgeously beautiful ♥

thank you for playing! aw and thank you again for the compliment! 
keep them in your heart, and they must be watching from afar :') 

Yes they are all in my hearts and soul and same goes to you you beautiful you T^T and you are very welcome

i love the story, musics, and visual art. Really enjoy it <3 well done

thank you for playing!! <3

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I think this game is about how we feel like him too..  feeling so lost, lonely, and pain after the losing our family (read: cat)----- and this game is succeed made me feel that way :")
The flow of the story, the musics, the quality graphic, and every detail-

Love it!

thank you for playing! :')


I can relate to this game completely, as I lost my 4 yr old yorkie last month, and I'm trying to deal with the pain of losing her. I want to personally thank you for making this game. 

thank you for playing! and i'm sure your pet is always beside you  and watching you from afar :')

Thanks for the note. Sorry about your loss.  Sure understand. We're dog people too.


RC & the gang

Thank you for playing! :')

hello thanks for the follow 

Thanks, I appreciate it.  I was dealing with losing my greyhound to cancer at the time this was written.  (I have just received a notification that I had a message, so I hope the 236 days ago wasn't when you actually posted it.)

Wishing you the best.

Sorry to hear that.

My plan is to finish the game in the future and in the end the dog will met his family.. happy ending.

Hope you find your dog soon.

I would like to spread my condolences to you on your loss. I would also like to apologize for this very late reply. I am glad to know that you have played one of my games. Thank you so much.