Return is short interactive storytelling  game about how a boy cope with the death of his beloved pet. Can he overcome those feelings?

The moment i need to let you go
My heart broke into two
Regret, and crying was the only thing i could do
My house is empty without you
And i wonder where are you


  • right/left arow to move
  • Z to interact with object

This is my second full released gameplay for my internship in about month. I really appreciate any feedbacks and comments. Thanks for playing!


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(127 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, First-Person, Narrative, pet, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Download 114 MB
Download 118 MB


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I'm sobbing, issue, I've got '1 hour of silence occasionally broken up by lego Yoda death sound' playing in the back. 10/10 do recommend.. 

I wish I could I really do. This is amazing and sad but I love it.

If only....if only

My cat died a few days ago so finding this little gem and playing it really brought me to tears. Thank you for making this

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If you want to get punched in your feelings
It's perfect! 


A short and sweet story, told in a delightful manner. I felt for him and the cat, and that ending... my heart ;v;

Man I promised myself  wouldn't cry at this, but the look in the guy's eyes at the very again and "meet you again" had my eyes water and two teardrops fall down :')

make me de in tears

this is the cutest game ever and it gave me nostalgia. when I was younger I had to abandon my black cat, Jack. I only left him because I as moving and the apartment didn't allow pets.

i cried, i have two cats. i cant even imagine losing them, but when their time comes, i hope they are reborn and have many more happier memories and experiences. 


I cried.

I have lost my best friend a view years ago. At the beginning it was really hard, its better now but it still hurts. I completely feel the person in the game cause loosing your cat is loosing a part of yourself.

Its a wonderful game. <3

Great game didn't expect it to be sad actually started crying. A game has never made me do that before. It was really good will be recommending to friends. 10/10


oh wow

i cried.


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this game reminded me of my own cat who passed, I'm crying now


discovered you can moonwalk in this game 10/10

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this really put some emotional juice on my heart my uncle lost his white cat a year ago and that cat has been with us and i saw her/him when i was seven at first i thought he always ran away from me but when i turned 8 she/he finally went up to me and when i layed down she/he layed down next to me and it was also my uncle cherished it ALOT LIKE ALOT and when it was time for him to go my tito cried so much it could fill up a bucket and when we were at the funeral i was too sad to even walk my tito was with her the whole time even when the funeral ended there was so many memories we put on faust (the cats name) man just typing this is making me tear up and my jaw hurting gosh well yeah basically we miss a certain cat THAT LOOKS LIKE FAUST SO MUCH good game btw it also made my whole family (dads side) cry my grandma my mom dad uncle aunt it was a hard day on all of us and i watched way too many sad movies and when it started to rain i could almost see a cloud trying to shape like a cat and then thats when i bursted into tears then months later he lost his job i wish i could just give him a hug but just thinking about it made me sad and when i though how he lost his cherished pet then lost his job is just sad

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Thank you for this amazing game!
You can watch my full game playthrough here:


Thank you for making this game! It's short but very emotional. I cried when the pet said her goodbye. Such a sweet game

Thank you for making this game <3 it's short and sweet but has helped me with the loss and preparation of losing my cat. I lost her a week ago and had to put her down because of cancer but before I played this game and just revisited it and it brought me comfort. Thank you <3

Gorgeous artwork and story!

Genuinely sobbing right now, I had a cat when I was younger that suddenly ran away and I never saw him again. He was ripped from me and this hit too close to home.

That was really good, great pixel art, sad, but really really good.

i just played this during class break and i cried so i couldnt open my camera T^T i love cats and i hate losing something...this game rly hit me.

I can't stop crying this game took out all my feelings, thank you

Saw this game on this channel and tried it out. A few of my dogs have passed away and this really hits hard. Shout out to the creator because this was super relatable

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thank you for this game, its so sweet... I started crying in the start because it reminded me so much of my cat that also parted away, by the end of the game I was a mess

I'm crying, I felt this game... a close story to me. A great example of why technique is not the most important thing, thanks bro! 馃檶

As a game it's just clicking on a few things. As a heart puller for anyone who loves animals or even more has lost a cat it's amazingly deep. I loved this. Really really good... 

Sorry for breaking the mood, but what is the agreement at the start? I know it is a vet disclosure agreement, but what is it about?

It's a paper you have to sign to give the vet permission to put down an animal.

oh D:


This reminded me of when my dog died, so it hit extra close to home... also reminds me of the fact that my cat is old and may die sometimes soon. I literally weeped so hard with this game, I'm crying as I'm typing this


omg i'm bawling!!!!!!!


I literally started crying from this

God dang it I really did almost sob at this one, actually it was building up and I nearly bawled. A death of a pet is so hard, cause they're not a pet, they're family no matter what anyone says. And losing them in any way is the hardest thing to go through and move on. Yet I'm glad for the ending I saw, even if it hurts we have to move on with our lives for the people we will meet in the future and the chances we can have. AAAA such a great little game!!

I really love this game, it's so cute T.T, I saw a playthrough for this on youtube but right after watching came here to play it myself. Can't wait to see what else the creator comes out with. :)))

Love it! For all those pets we have lost

short yet sweet

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